NeoVos have launched a first of a kind Vitamin B12 home test and I had the opportunity to try it; here what I found!


This is the first affordable test on the market to analyse MMA through an easy-to-use urine test. Methylmalonic acid (MMA) is regarded as the most useful and sensitive biomarker for measuring vitamin B12. Until now, tests already available have always been either too expensive or require a venous blood draw. Whilst Total B12 and Active B12 can also be used to measure the abundance of vitamin B12 in your body, they do not measure how well B12 is utilised by cells. The NeoVos B12 test is a urine sample so super easy to collect at home.



It was SO easy! A urine test that you do and just post off in the pre-paid/addressed box. You fill out a few questions on their website and within a week you get an email alerting you to the detailed results on your own profile! I’m happy to say my results were optimal but I did another of Neovos’ tests – the Omega 3 & 6 blood prick test. This was showing I have insufficient levels of omega 3 and 6 in my blood!





I believe it is imperative to know what we are lacking in, before wasting time and money on supplements. In our household we have lots of vitamins, but which do we actually need to take? Also I personally, eat a lot of oily fish and eggs, so I was shocked to find I am showing to be deficient in Omega 3 & 6. The next step for me is to find out why and supplement appropriately. The report Neovos provide also contains actionable recommendations to help with this.


“Whether you are seeking clarity on your symptoms, striving towards specific health goals, or following advice from a health professional, we are here to help you find the right at-home health test for you. Start to take control today and discover the tests that align with your requirements…”

Troy Whyte, Founder and MD of Neovos


B12 deficiencies vary. However, it is evident that this is a common issue globally and is impacted by many factors, including age, genetics, diet and other absorption issues. This hidden condition may be affecting the quality of life of many people without them knowing it’s linked to a vitamin B12 deficiency because consuming sufficient vitamin B12 is not always enough to ensure sufficient levels due to a multitude of B12 absorption issues. According to the NHS, a B12 deficiency can cause low mood, fatigue, headaches, indigestion and more. Up to 40% of people in the UK have low vitamin B12 levels, which could make them feel tired with no energy, gut issues, difficulty concentrating and recurring headaches.

This test is £70 RRP and is available from

NeoVos other tests include:


The Gut Tests

• The Functional Gut Test measures the short-chain fatty acids vital for gut and mental health.

• The Compositional Gut Test targets finding which bacteria need a boost to support gut health and overall health.• The Advanced Gut Test combines biomarkers to determine what bacteria you have and how well they perform.

• The Nutritional Tests

The Vitamin D Test identifies the vitamin D levels in your body by
collecting just five drops of blood onto a blood card. It provides you with
results and personalised recommendations on how to boost your

• The Omega 3 Test measures your fatty acids, the building blocks of all cells in your brain and body, with results representative of your levels over the last 120 days. This comprehensive test provides your omega-3 index, omega 6:3 ratio and AA: EPA ratio. If you are pregnant or looking to start a family, your report also provides your DHA %, which is particularly important now. The test summarises the most effective ways to optimise your levels.

• The B12 Test identifies the level of MMA in your body to determine if you are deficient in B12. This test uses a urine sample to help establish your levels. If it’s identified in your urine, then it can be a clear sign of a B12 deficiency.