The inside of your fridge has never been more important. Get organised and get efficient with foodie Alison Jee’s tips for your Lockdown Kitchen.

Crumbs, these are good!

Oats, when combined with chia seeds and coconut, make lovely
porridge, but also a great, healthy snack. Packed full of fibre and with
55% less sugar than your average biscuit, these new Nairn’s oat
biscuits will assuage your guilt at tea time! £1.35 a pack from

Not just any snack…

If it’s a savoury snack you crave, then M&S’s new range of high protein
snacks is just the job. This little pot of egg & avo with quinoa and soy sauce
is just 185 calories. It’s brilliant for those on the go, lunchers ‘al desko’ and
anyone counting calories. From £1.50

A cool drink

Absolut Elyx, vodka made with winter wheat from a single estate in Åhus,
Sweden, is manually distilled in vintage copper, resulting in an
exceptionally silky finish. The distillation process has been passed
through generations of vodka-makers. At 42.3% ABV it has depth – in
flavour and character. Too good for tonic, it’s best served over ice.
Around £33 a bottle at

Ultimate indulgences

Feast your senses on one of the best ready-made
chocolate puds I’ve tasted…and the richest! Pati & Coco
desserts are dinky little glass pots of chocolate heaven;
crack through dark chocolate to ganache above a crunchy
base. In four flavours: Praline; Pistachio; Ganache and
Caramel. £3.50 for two from Sainsbury. Be warned,
they’re rich – and addictive.

Gin scales new heights

Mermaid Gin, with its striking, highly tactile, pale blue bottle, is plastic-free and
uses entirely recyclable materials. Made on the Isle of Wight, it’s smooth, yet
complex, with a hint of sea air from the local fragrant rock samphire known as
‘Mermaid’s Kiss’ – hence its name. There’s a new pink gin too, subtly infused
with strawberries grown on the island. Served with a fresh strawberry and a
sprig of mint it’s a promise of warmer days ahead. 70 cl, around £40 Marks &

Chocolates with conscience

These delicately thin Divine dark chocolate
squares are filled with a soft and spicy ginger
centre that melts on the tongue when you break
the chocolate. A classic combination of two of
my favourite flavours, they’re indulgent and
delicious. The dark chocolate is made with
cocoa beans harvested from Kuapa Kokoo, a
fair trade co-operative of smallholder farmers in Ghana. £4 a box from Waitrose and

Smooth Operator

Ideal for most smooth-rimmed, round containers, these clever
lids cover and protect food with an instant suction seal to keep
it fresher for longer. A clear centre shows what’s inside at a
glance, and the sturdy, flat design enables bowls to be stacked
in the fridge. The lids act as splatter guards for microwave
cooking too. In three sizes they snap together for compact
storage. Sold individually, or a 3-Piece set for £30 Amazon or
John Lewis.

Feeling fruity

Mild, aromatic and fruity, these organic multi purpose liquid soaps are lovely.
They’re plant based and contain moisturizing and skin-conditioning
ingredients, plus botanical extracts and essential oils so leave your skin
smelling and feeling fabulous. Available in five fruity and floral combinations,
the Alteya collection starts at £7.65 for 250 ml from