It is not always what you wear but how you wear it, says top stylist and sales
consultant, Carole Ann Geddes. With an established career at Marks and Spencer
behind her in which she styled several iconic shoots, Carole Ann hits all the right
fashion notes when it comes to delivering a premium service. Here she explains how
she helps empower women and – just as importantly – why she does it.

With such an extensive range of clothing on offer we are often swamped for choice.
On top of that we have many roles to play and ambitions to fulfil.
That is where I come in. I am a business woman, a feminist a mother of four and –
not least – part of a team with my hard-working husband. Feeling empowered makes
a difference to my life – as it does to my clients.

I love the flexibility of being a Stylist and Sales consultant at Captain Tortue, a
fashion brand with a reputation for quality that goes back 25 years, while still being a
mum to sport-mad boys. I’m very busy and – like many women – have a double life.
CT is not sold in shops or online and gives the customer the benefit of a one to one
shopping experience with styling advice.

Central to my work is my purpose built studio in Ashtead but I have a client-base
across Surrey. At the studio I showcase fashion and also do colour, image and style
consultantancy to help build capsule wardrobes. I have a large team working with me
and I’m always on the lookout for women who want a flexible work life doing
something about which they are passionate. I want to meet people who think this
role would work for them.

I am driven to to show my children that life is not one dimensional and women can
be amazing and multifunctional without having to do a traditional 9 to 5 job. I want
them to see show that even though I have large responsibilities and time constraints,
I can be successful and passionate about other things. I’m definitely a people person
empowering other women particularly those with constraints.

I also want to give back. There are so many charities out there – national, local and
personal – and its great to be able to help either with donations or having events and
fashion shows. That’s the fun part of the job. Would you like me to do something to
help your cause?

Finally, as a fashion retailer I’m driven to being as ethical as possible, amongst other
causes I promote sustainability. I’m offering £5 back on any old CT clothes towards
the new collection.

CT clothes make building a capsule wardrobe easy: The clothes are great quality
and we build on the colours and items season on season. That’s critical because
clothes should not be disposable.

If you would like to hear more about what I do or would like a consultation or would
like to to see the New Autumn CT collection, please contact me on 07799 972427