ContraSpa by SpaFlo has launched at one of my favourite places in Richmond – the luxury wellbeing
sanctuary – Bhuti at Bingham Riverhouse ! Combining both hot and cold baths in the same unit, so you can simply move from one extreme to the other – maximising health benefits!


Bhuti’s unique outdoor wellness space is home to some excellent workshops, day retreats, yoga and meditation, helping people reconnect with nature – whilst working on body & mind. As a yoga teacher myself, I love this garden setting with the backdrop of the River Thames. Combined with the Contraflo – this makes the perfect sanctuary for anyone looking to soothe the stresses of everyday life or gain the many health benefits of hot/cold immersions; from easing muscle soreness, improving mental wellbeing or supporting your immune system.

With sustainability in mind, the spa is made from marine grade stainless steel and the lighting highlights the hot and cold areas. Controls are both wifi and touchscreen enabled. It feels like a luxury experience and the hot tub comes with the ability to turn on the jets like a stand alone jacuzzi.



SpaFlo’s founder – Richard Gowland’s thought of the idea after tiring of the usual sprint from hot water spa to a cold water plunge and then back to a sauna. I felt it made it easier to take the cold water when you know the hot is right next to it!

‘Health through water is at the heart of what we do.
Spas, pools and water features all have their unique wellbeing properties. I am
delighted to partner with Bingham Riverhouse, a beautiful independent hotel in
Richmond, London to celebrate wellness in their newly created outdoor wellbeing
space.’ Richard Gowland




I’m definitely going to visit again; can you guess whether I am in the hot or cold in this picture? Ha.. it’s the COLD one! Jokes aside – contrast water therapy is not new and has been practiced in various forms for many years, first outlined by Professor Sebastian Kneipp. Regular contrast water therapy can boost immunity, aid rehabilitation from injuries, support DOMS recovery!

Many people also use it to enhance their sleep and support their mental wellbeing. Athletes like Olympian Colin Jackson MBE have used cold water therapy as part of their training and wellness regime for years, as have the England Rugby mens team.



ContraSpa will be at Bingham Riverhouse from 1st May 2024 – 30th June 2024. For
bookings for more information on SpaFlo head to

For PR enquiries please contact Isobel Klempka | 07788793268