RiverTribe Fitness Expert Simon Duberley takes a look at the immune system boosting foods that will help us in the fight against COVID-19.

I’m sure that many of us are not exactly enjoying isolating ourselves during these testing times, but
of course, it is important we do this together with all the other advice we are given by the experts.
It’s desperately sad to see the day to day mortality statistics for Corvid-19 and the vast majority of us
are doing whatever we can to ensure we don’t become infected. Unfortunately, the projected
statistics for becoming infected are far greater in number, although we are doing what we can so
that the worst-case scenario of 4 out of every 5 of us does not happen. But the secret to defending ourselves best lies in our immune system.

If you get infected by COVID-19, hopefully, your immune system response will put up a good enough fight so
that you will just experience its flu-like effects. If your immune response has been thwarted by the
general neglect of what could have been a healthy lifestyle, maybe not.
Reducing the risk of getting infected is indeed the best thing that the world can do right now, but is
there anything else we can do to ensure we have the best chance of survival if the eventuality arises
that we do become infected.

Are we doing enough?

How are we preparing for the possibility of infection? How many of us are genuinely trying to
improve our immune system by getting more sleep and providing our bodies with better nutrition?
Perhaps the boredom of Lockdown has increased your alcohol consumption? A 55% increase in sales
of wine suggests that for many this is probably the case. And then there all the hoarding of items
such as pasta and frozen food, is that really going to help now that the supermarkets are restocked?
We need to be far smarter in this battle.

So rather than applying this warped strategy of isolation and neglect, why don’t we see if we can use
this lockdown period to increase our chance of survival in the face of infection? It’s time to cut out
the crap and bring in our nutritional weapons to fight this terrible virus.
To help you in this quest, I have compiled a list of some of the best foods to help supercharge your
immune system response if it is needed.

Top Foods for Immune System Boosting

Bell peppers

Green tea

Sunflower seeds

Simon Duberley is RiverTribe’s resident fitness expert; on top of keeping up a healthy immune system, it’s also vital to keep yourselves up and active. It’ll increase your general health, and is vital for your mental health too. Luckily, Simon has a series, FitForBusiness, with plenty of exercises suited for just such an occasion.