As Cantell & Co Estate Agents celebrates its sixth anniversary, Anissa Cantell reflects on motivations to move, both happy and sad.


My first valuation for Cantell & Co was for a divorce scenario and regrettably, the relationship of our buyers of our second property has since sadly ended in divorce. We could argue that there is a lot of it around, but of course in our jobs, the ‘3 Ds’ – divorce, death and debt – are regarded as the classic motivations to sell or buy a property.

Here in Richmond we do not experience many ‘forced’ sales – those who sell because they need to clear debts – and so there are hardly ever any Richmond properties auctioned or homes sold at ‘bargain prices’.

Death unfortunately is something we have to deal with in our job and we try our best to be supportive at a very difficult time in peoples’ lives. One of the saddest was a lovely young couple who had bought only 18 months beforehand.  They had started to refurbish their house and appeared settled. We were surprised to be asked to value the house so soon after the purchase; it transpired that the husband’s father had been tragically killed in a car crash over the Christmas period and he and his wonderful wife were keen to move to Scotland to be with his mother.  I was touched by the wife’s sacrifice of her career and London life and sincerely moved by her husband’s plight. We sold the property to one of our now favourite buyers. Whilst we were very discreet about the vendor’s situation, it was apparent through the progression of the sale that they did need to sell and the buyer did not seek to take advantage.  


Thankfully we have the exact counter of the 3 Ds.

Marriage or moving in together is always a happy and exciting time. I love showing properties to first-time buyers and being there for them every step of the way.  Even in these modern times, the woman usually has the last say when choosing the property, but what we have seen change in the last decade, is that they are often paying for the property themselves.

Promotion and bonuses play a large part in motivating moves.  Recently one of my buyers started to look for a second property, worth less than her current one, as an investment.  Upon investigating her finances with her broker it transpired that she could afford something three times the price and duly bought one of the best houses I have ever seen.

Babies are a big factor in the motivation to move. We are always thrilled when we learn that someone is pregnant and of course we try to make sure the process is as stress-free as possible, although one of our client’s waters broke the moment she heard that she had exchanged.

As estate agents we deal with people throughout the trials and tribulations of life.  A big responsibility but always a pleasure.


Cantell & Co are celebrating their 6th anniversary on the 27th of June, outside their offices with beer, bubbly & canapes. 

From 5pm until late.


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