It is not every pub that can produce two of my favourite foods – let alone in one dish. But over at the White Horse on Richmond’s Worple Way, new manager Jack Davis achieved exactly that when RiverTribe’s Art Editor, Zak Malcolm, and I went in to see how he was doing at one of the town’s key hostelries.


You see, I love rabbit and I love a good burger – as is evidenced by the burger content in other food pages in this edition.

It is, I know, an unusual combination, but Davis has produced something of blinder – a delicious crispy slice of rabbit in a fresh toasted bun dressed with Asian slaw and, while I like nothing more than a serving of mustard sauce in more traditional recipes, I could not fault this combination.

The White Horse has always been a favourite destination of mine. My children loved the playground next door and we could get a good meal inside – particularly on a Sunday when historically it always has a great roast on the menu. Somehow though, it had slipped off my radar.

However, my vigilant Vegan Guru, Lulu Gibbons, had been raving about the food for months. She is clearly the last person to flag up rabbit burgers, but according to Lulu, who has exacting standards when it comes to her plant-based diet, the White Horse was serving excellent fare for all tastes and food creeds.

She was as good as her word. There was enough on offer to satisfy my carnivorous leanings but an extensive choice of vegan dishes; Davis is a man who knows how to judge the prevailing winds of the food sector. He is also the point man for wine advice, having gained all his sommelier certificates.

Spicy Vietnamese wings had preceded my rabbit burger. Zak chose the heritage beetroot mozzarella followed by an Asian chilli salad – perfect choices for her current focus on a healthy diet. We both succumbed to the pineapple tarte tartin. I am well known among my friends for my lack of a sweet tooth, but this was exceptional, and I simply couldn’t resist. We shared the plate and you could see your own reflection in it by the time we had finished.

It was lunchtime, so Zak asked for a lime and soda water. It was also a Friday, so I opted for an un-oaked Chardonnay, having downed tools a little early…

I hear that the White Horse is to re-vamp its charming garden. Last summer was such a success for Richmond’s bars and restaurants, so it is aiming to take advantage of another potential heatwave. There will be few better spots

I haven’t sampled the new Sunday roasts yet but I am told they are becoming a destination feature of this fine Fullers pub, so head off to the foot of The Alberts and book a table now. 020 8940 2418