As we head into Autumn, your skin may be breathing a sigh of relief. As lovely this unusually hot summer has been, the downside is that skin can end up dehydrated. City life in general has its challenges with pollution levels at an all-time high and this is compounded by high temperatures in the summer months. We all try to eat healthily and drink lots of water but our best laid plans do not always follow through and sometimes we just need a helping hand.  

Lenka Hadfield at the Peach Tree Clinic in Barnes is an expert in advanced skincare. She offers guidance based on close to a decade working alongside dermatologists and medical practitioners in Central London.

Lenka started her career in beauty at The Peach Tree Clinic 9 years ago, and now returns bringing with her a wealth of experience in medical skincare.

Her top recommendation for skin that has suffered during the summer months is the HydraFirm Facial (£300 or £1500 for a course of 6, duration: 75 minutes), a super powered facial to quench the skin’s thirst and infuse it with a cocktail of Vitamin C, growth factors, antioxidants and peptides.

Lenka is able to give clients a clear explanation of how, as we progress through our thirties and beyond, the cellular turnover slows down, as does the body’s own production of growth factors, collagen and elastin. Topical treatments are important for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. The challenge with regular cosmetic products bought off the shelf, that claim to deliver anti-aging benefits, is that it’s hard for these ingredients to actually penetrate the skin, partly due to the size of the molecules. This, coupled with the fact that there may be dead skin cells blocking the way, means these creams end up sitting on the surface of the skin.  

The difference with HydraFirm is that the DermaFNS uses vertical insertions to create thousands of tiny holes which open up the channels and allows the ingredients to actually penetrate deeper into the skin. This is rejuvenation and repair at a cellular level where it really counts.  

Is it painful? ‘Most of my clients report that it’s uncomfortable rather than painful, and only for part of the treatment, the rest is very relaxing with the mask followed by LED light therapy which calms the skin and speeds up the healing process.

What about downtime? Skin feels slightly ‘sunburnt’ for 24–48 hours and hence hot baths, saunas/steam and swimming are not advised during this time, plus only gentle products and mineral make up are recommended initially, to prevent any toxins and chemicals getting into the skin.


Lenka Hadfield

The Peach Tree Beauty Clinic, 62 Church Road, Barnes.

0208 741 1254