A community may be defined as a group of people with a common cultural and historical heritage. In part, the opposite is true of Richmond and this is what makes our community so special, writes Anissa Cantell.


A lot of our buyers arrive from central London and even while on viewings, experience the openness and natural friendliness of Richmond residents.  All types of people settle in Richmond, the diversity of careers, ages and attitudes all help to keep this suburb vibrant. Where else will you find a film star in your local deli sitting next to our first-time buyer?

Having excellent Ofsted outstanding primary schools clearly attracts young couples.  The diversity of the parents’ professions is wide ranging, from barristers to stay-at-home dads and the PTAs often have a hedge fund manager or two amongst their makeup.

We have too many charities to mention, although recently we have come across Richmond Good Neighbours who have stepped in to help older residents. The evidence of kindness is apparent, we rally together raising money for local difficulties, but perhaps more pertinent is the time we make for each other.

Many parts of Richmond have an email group where we share local knowledge, give away useful items and ask for advice.  Lately there have been warnings about criminal activity but Richmond being as it is, we are signing petitions and keeping an extra eye out for one other.  

Tolerance is an aspect of Richmond life I especially treasure – on Brexit night we were in a pub with friends, all passionately discussing their viewpoints.  Some had already cast their vote to leave, most to stay and others were still undecided. The diversity of opinion was staggering but all were respected.

I believe that we share a common goal, to live a happy and healthy life and in accepting all types of people from all types of life we enrich our own.


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