New research by the muscle and joint care experts at Deep Heat, Deep Freeze and Deep Relief has found that a staggering 73% of us here in the UK has experienced some kind of muscle trouble, with a concerning 65% of people claiming that their mood is made worse by muscular or joint health challenges.

The revealing study data, plus other new real-world research just published by Deep Heat, Deep Freeze and Deep Relief in a new report – Feel The Difference – Live Life To the Full why dealing with muscle and joint pain is vital for a happier, healthier, more active life – proves that muscle and joint health angst isn’t just a physical burden, but a mental one too.

Although 41% of Brits say that being unable to move comfortably is the most frustrating thing about being in pain:

  • 46% say they feel happier without pain
  • 31% say they feel much less burdened
  •  In fact, a staggering 81% say that they feel more grateful for life when the pain has gone.

It just shows how big of an effect pain has on our feelings and emotions.

According to Sammy Margo, Physiotherapist and advisor to Deep Heat, Deep Freeze and Deep Relief, there are various reasons as to why we’re feeling pain and several ways to help us to feel great again.

“Posture, exercise, the way we sit when we work and a general lack of stretching and mobility work, can all lead to muscle and joint discomfort,” explains Sammy Margo.

“But, we’re heading towards a pain pandemic if we don’t start taking action to resolve our pain and get back to movement. Not only will we be left aching and miserable, but we’ll be unable to move properly, and movement is a basic fundamental part of everyday life to get from A to B and to participate in exercise which is vital for good health.”

When pain strikes, the consequences aren’t good

Exercise has been continually proven as a means of staying healthy. Not only can regular exercise lead to a 30% reduction in the risk of early death3 but it also cuts the risk of depression by up to 30% and the odds of developing dementia are cut by as much as 30%4.

But with 38% of Brits experiencing back pain, 30% of Brits feeling pain in their legs and 22% suffering from knee pain, exercise is a no-go for many Brits. This is despite 45% of Brits saying that exercise plays a big part in how they care for themselves.

“Muscle and joint discomfort can also impact our sleep; it can impact our social lives as we’re unable to be comfortable and fully engage with friends and family; it can impact time with children, our focus and productivity and also our stress levels, which plays a huge role in our mental health,” adds Sammy Margo.

Busting muscle and joint angst

As it stands, 39% of Brits said that they rest as a means of trying to cure discomfort. An ice pack was the second most popular treatment, chosen by 28% of respondents, followed by topical gels and painkillers, a warm bath and massage.

Speaking of how we should be dealing with joint and muscle health discomfort, Sammy Margo suggests cooling and warming therapy

“Cold therapy should be used initially when an injury strikes and if you need to reduce discomfort quickly.

Products, such as the New Deep Freeze Muscle Rescue Cold Spray. can be used as discomfort strikes, such as straight after a fall. It’s fast acting and offers that instant cooling feeling, just like ice but without the inconvenience of ice,” says Sammy Margo.

Sammy Margo adds: “The no-fuss spray format works with a 360-degree rotation which allows application on hard-to-reach areas like the back, feet, and shoulders. It means there’s no reason why we can’t target all areas where you have muscular and joint pain.”

A fifth of Brits say they are too busy so don’t have time to deal with pain, but luckily there’s a way to deal with the annoying muscle and joint niggles, while on the go.

Sammy Margo says that Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion is a simple, mess-free, convenient way to apply heat to sore areas. Plus, it takes just seconds to apply and can be popped into a gym bag or handbag for use on-the-go.

But why heat? “Heat helps to improve blood flow to the affected area which can help reduce pain, plus after exercise, heat therapy will help to boost circulation and reduce inflammation. Applying the Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion can also relax tight muscles and soft tissue as well as help muscles to move and stretch more easily again.”