Try these games and stocking fillers for all the family!

The true magic of Christmas-Opoly lies in the joy it brings to those gathered around the table. As players roll the dice, acquire festive properties, and engage in friendly competition, they are not just playing a game; they are creating magical moments and treasured traditions that will be cherished for years to come. Whether it’s a friendly rivalry for the coveted “Christmas Tree Lane” or the joy of landing on “Holiday Feast,” each turn of the board adds to the tapestry of holiday memories.


Cheatwell Christmas-Opoly costs £25 from Amazon



Nostalgia Game, £19.98 from Amazon

Take a reminiscent ramble through the most momentous of events of the late 20th Century in Nostalgia – a game of fads, fashion and fun. A memory-jogging jaunt amongst the good, the bad, the funny and, of course, the downright frivolous! From nodding dogs to pogoing Punks, Hammer Horrors, to frightful fashions, historical events to hysterical happenings, you’ll face a barrage of questions on the weird, the wonderful and the truly awe-inspiring from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. If you vaguely remember deely-boppers, macram pot-holders or trimphones, it’s time to plump up the beanbag, light the lava lamp, crack open a Party Seven and settle down to a recollection of long-forgotten facts! Suitable for ages 14+




Tension Board Game, £13 from Tesco.

The Top Ten Naming Game! A riotous race to call out possible solutions to a given subject… but only answers matching the 10 on the card will score! Fast and frustrating but fantastic fun for everyone! Great for involving different generations, this version includes cards that are appropriate for players as young as 8 years old. Can you handle the Tension? 400 topics make this a perfect thinking game for both children and adults. The unique Tension score slider makes marking down the shout-outs so easy. Sounds simple but you have to get the exact 10 on the card.



For younger ones – the Into the Wild A3 Mat from the ABC series, helps to practice writing the alphabets while learning the names of our furry, feathered and slimy friends.

See how many blowing leaves and shiny starfishes you can find!

Best thing is, as with all HeyDoodle mats, they can be wiped clean and reused!


Mats, £21.99 from HeyDoodle


Flexible Silicone Flying Discs, £8 from Kikkerland.

Versatile, flexible, and adorned with a watermelon theme, these flying discs are perfect for outdoor fun in the garden, at the park, or a winters walk on the beach.


Or – Flying monsters! Watch in amazement as these dizzy monsters twirl and dance, showcasing captivating patterns that mesmerize and delight. Collect them all and enjoy endless spinning fun.

Dizzy Monster Spinning Top, £5 from Kikkerland.


If your giftee is on a health-kick, why not these:


Turtle Tofu Press, £30 from Kikkerland

This Tofu Press is an eco-friendly and efficient solution for tofu enthusiasts. Crafted from bamboo, a naturally antibacterial and sustainable material, this turtle-shaped press is both functional and environmentally conscious. The press is designed to efficiently drain excess water from tofu, enhancing its texture and flavour for various culinary applications. Its innovative design includes a silicone band for secure and effective tofu pressing. The Turtle Tofu Press not only helps reduce waste but also adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen. With this unique kitchen tool, you can enjoy perfectly pressed tofu while supporting sustainable practices, making it an essential addition for tofu lovers and eco-conscious cooks!



Zerowater 12 Cup, 2.8l Ready-Read Jug, £44.99 from Zerowater

Ensure your family has access to pure, filtered water with this 12 Cup Ready-Read Water Filtration Jug. It features a built-in TDS meter that provides instant water quality readings. The 5-stage filtration system removes dissolved solids from tap water, giving you the purest and tastiest water. Stay hydrated and healthy during the festive season.



And NOT forgetting our pawsome friends!!


Kobe Dog Birthday Kit, £11 from Kikkerland

Tick Tool, £7.50 from Kikkerland

Dog Keychain, £9 from Kikkerland


Fake News Water Bowl, £11 from Kikkerland



Kobe Identification Charm, £6 from Kikkerland


Happy wrapping!!!