Spring is on it’s way and I am SO glad! (See pic of me rejoicing below ;)) I love the spring nearly as much as I love the summer! Depending on which spring time you choose to get excited about it’s good news – whether that be the astronomical based on the sun and starts around 21st March, or the meteorological spring time starting on 1st March.

Springtime marks the time when we begin emerging from our cocoons and notice the life in nature – budding once more. For me, the end of winter always feels like a relief and a time of reawakening!

As my teaching timetable has become busier since the new year, rediscovering the necessity for self care and wellness has been crucial. Ugh.. those words again- ‘Self-care’!



Terms and buzz-words often used in media and marketing can get annoying, but for me ‘wellness’ is not an unrealistic state of being! To me wellness should be a verb – a doing word – a consistent move in the right direction. Small steps of self-care (another term possibly overused) equate to your wellness. That is it! Wellness is not an unattainable state of nirvana reached only by attending spas and buying the latest leggings! Just taking 5 minutes to breathe, making and drinking a tea mindfully, reading 1 or 2 pages of a book you have been meaning to pick up, writing a few sentances in a journal, taking a walk in nature, stretching or simply saying something kind to yourself!

The list goes on. The choice is yours! The change in season is a perfect time cultivate positive changes.


Lyndsay works as a journalist (& co-editor of RT) and also as a experienced yoga teacher; her offerings include private 1 to 1’s, studio/community classes and group corporate classes/events.

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