A quiet place is a dream in my household; our 2 and 4 year olds see to that! Obviously in the context of this film – no one would want to live in this Quiet Place! A post-apocalyptic, ghost town with a human eating monster, where the only way to survive is to be completely silent. Somewhat hard for a family with young children or a mother giving birth! To know what happens in that scenario, you will have to watch the first film. Writer of the films John Krasinski plays (Lee Abbott) the father and husband to Evelyn Abbott (played by his real wife – Emily Blunt) in the first film.

I watched both films back to back at the new 4DX cinema in Feltham. I hadn’t experienced this kind of cinema before. Described as a new kind of cinema to thrill the senses – a horror is the perfect genre to watch for this experience! There was movement, there was wind, strobe lights and scents. It was a lot more subtle in parts than it sounds. My chair subtly moved with the slightest camera movement. It’s clever and also scary when the plot requires it. I would definitely recommend anyone to try this type of cinema experience.

The most notable performance in both films is from Millicent Simmonds who is deaf in real life and also as her character Regan. This adds a very interesting paradox and consequence to the monster, who has sharp hearing and no sight. Again, you will have to watch the film (A Quiet Place 2) to understand this. For a sequel, this is probably one of the best I have ever seen. I doubt the first was shot with a second in mind, all the same – it follows on wonderfully. Both films are terrifying, primal, emotional and original. Considering this genre isn’t my favourite – I think both are a must-see!

4 and half stars from me 🙂