By Rachel Staggs

If like me you have yoyo dieted over the years finding it either didn’t work, it wasn’t sustainable, it was boring or any combination of the above you will know that feeling of frustration and disappointment only too well.

One thing I did find that worked after dropping two dress sizes was the ketogenic diet. Those three months delivered the results I wanted but it was hell and I found keeping my body in a ketogenic state was unsustainable. This is where you use ketones, produced by the liver when your body is starved of carbohydrates and sugar, to burn stored fat. It works but it just conducive to the life I wanted to lead.

I enjoy a glass of wine, I enjoy eating out with family and friends (pre-COVID of course!) or indulging in the odd sweet treat. The problem is as soon as you take in any sugar it knocks you off the plan and out of the ketogenic state you need to be in for the regime to work.

How I found the ketone key

During the first lockdown I think, like most of us, I didn’t know my ass from my elbow. I made my way through those first few alien months eating and drinking on an emotional level. This has been an ongoing pattern for me.

When I got to October and looked at myself I looked like I had aged five years. Most people probably did not notice but I am a skin-care expert and I saw the signs loud and clear.  I was lucky to be able to fit in the largest section of my wardrobe – yes, I have clothing ranging from size 10-16. Another tell-tale sign of my ongoing weight rollercoaster.

Those of you who know me know that I believe that things often arrive when we most need them and at this point I was the most out of shape I have ever been with a massive lack of energy. 

My coach and friend – who when I saw her in August was suffering terribly with an ongoing tummy issue, joint pain which made her walk like an old lady and was suffering from the after-effects of the COVID lockdown – suddenly sounded full of energy and quite frankly like a different person to who I saw in the summer.

She told me she had been taking bio-identical exogenous ketones. She doesn’t recommend things lightly. A little sceptical, I decided to give it a go – quite frankly I would have tried anything.

What I did

I ordered a 10-day trial, taking one sachet a day mixed with 12oz of water was a very easy process. My trial included a mixture of flavours like raspberry lemonade, chocolate and a fruity flavour called Heart Tart. I found them all very sweet but putting them over ice really helped me. Because they are sweetened with a sugar alternative derived from nature called Erythritol they do not affect the ketogenic state. This alternative is calorie-free and sourced from a fermentation process using sugar beet and non – GMO corn.

As these ketones are a fat loss aid vs weight loss I decided to take photos and measurements instead of relying on what my scales. I have always been conditioned to go by this measurement – but quite honestly, I was prepared to trust the process and as long as I looked and felt better. 

My progress

I decided to journal my progress and the very first thing I noticed was my energy and sleep, within days I was waking up naturally feeling full of energy. Usually, it would take me at least two strong coffees to feel this way! The next very obvious change I noticed was my in tastes – I was being much more drawn towards clean, lean foods instead of anything sweet or processed. I was astounded noticing the things I was actually enjoying. I very quickly felt less bloated.  I was noticed my attention span was improving.

In fact, my overall mood was a lot more balanced – I didn’t seem to be getting those highs and lows I had been experiencing with lockdown life!

The result 

After two weeks I jumped back on the scales and they spoke for themselves down by 6.5lb, a 3% decrease in fat and a 2% increase in muscle mass. 

I naturally moved over to a diet that was more in line with the ketogenic diet and began to intermittently fast – I eat at 13.00 and between 18.00 and 19.00 although before this would have seemed restrictive with the ketone supplements it was effortless and felt right for my body. This said, you do not need to follow this way of eating for the supplements to work – it was just a natural transition and observation I made through my journey.

The ketones have been a great fit in my life and changed some previously held key convictions. If you want to find out more or purchase a trial pack contact me