The stresses of everyday living, the cost of living, illnesses of friends, family and loved ones, and thousands of other worries can take a toll on our lives.  This is where we can help ourselves, and I wanted to introduce you to Saskia’s Flower Essences.

Saskia Marjoram, founder and creator of the company, has over 30 years of experience in gardening including working as a florist for the Prince of Wales. During a complicated time in her journey through motherhood, she discovered flower essences and how powerful they could be.

Flower essences are created by capturing the unique vibrational energy of a plant and holding it as a memory in water. When you use the essence, you take in the vibration from the plant which reminds you of your own personal energy. 

Flowers and plants have a unique vibrational energy which is held as a memory in water. By extracting the essence of a flower, it is possible to capture that energy, then use it to tune up our own energy. When you take a flower essence suited to you, it helps shift negative thought and behaviour patterns and can assist with all sorts of things including unblocking creativity, organising your thoughts and  helping make your ideas reality.

Here are some things you might not know about flower essences:

How they are made             

Saskia makes her remedies  in the traditional way by infusing the flowering part in the sun. This involves putting the flowers in spring water and allowing the sunlight to transfer the vibration of the flower into the water.

Essences are not the same thing as essential oils

When making essences, the  flower’s energy imprint is captured  rather than a physical part of the flower, which is how they differ from essential oils. Unlike essentials too, they have no aroma.  Essential oils take a massive amount of plant material to make and are steam distilled to extract the aromatic compounds. They are highly  concentrated so have to be used with care. It takes about 10-20 flowers to make around 10,000 bottles of flower essence and they are completely safe for all ages.

Essences work with our emotions

Flower essences help us tune back to our true selves. They bring awareness to learned behaviour and thought patterns and support us as they help us release negative patterns.

Pendulum dowsing can be a precise way to find the right flower essences

It takes the conscious thinking out of the process, reaches the underlying problem  and which flower essences might help with that. A bit like human relationships, flower essences are subjective in their action and dowsing bypasses preconceived ideas about what the essence will help with and which essences we think we need.

Flower Essences are safe for everyone to take

Flower essences can be taken by everyone, babies, animals and you can give them to your plants too. As they contain  the energy of a plant they don’t act on a physical level,  so are also completely safe to take if you are on any kind of medication.

 Flower Essences have been used for thousands of years

Indigenous people drank the dew that collected on flowers for their well-being and there is evidence existing for their use in ancient Egypt, amongst the Celtic Druids and the Aborigines of Australia.

If you have never used flower essences before and can’t make your mind up which to try for your particular needs, email Saskia .  She’ll be delighted to hear from you –


Saskia also organises events where people can learn more: see link here

Visit Saskia

She also has a shop:

Saskia’s Flower Essences, Applegarth, 8 High Street, Wincanton BA9 9JP

She was recently in conversation with Vigour and Skills -talking about her story, what she does, the essences etc, if you are interested you can watch the video  here

Saskia’s Flower Essences is the first company in the UK to have a shop just selling their own essences directly to the public. The label now produces a range of 46 single essences, 8 combination essences aimed at helping with the issues of modern life and 3 essence sprays. The company has won international and national awards for several of its combinations including The Beauty Shortlist Best Sleep Better Product for their ‘Breathe, Deep, Seek Peace’ combination.