Burpee Europe believes that there are a lot more treasures than you may think that you can grow outdoors on allotments.  This ‘National Allotments Week’ is the ideal time for Burpee to give you the low down on the allotment hoe down!

What can you really grow on an allotment?
The old-school veggies that you used to grow with your grandparents are still super for allotment growing.  We are talking brassicas and root vegetables, as well as runner beans and peas.  But why not try to grow ‘cut and come again’ leaf salads rather than those that you have to wait before harvesting? Chard varieties are ideal for this and the more you harvest, the more they will grow, plus they look so pretty too!

Can you really grow cucumbers on an allotment???

Cucumber ‘Honey Plus Hybrid’

Who can resist growing Cucumber ‘Honey Plus’ when you see the image above?!   These as well as varieties such as ‘Bush Champion’ can all be grown on the allotment.

And tomatoes?
Burpee Europe breeders are the Yoda’s of tomato disease resistance, and because of this many of their varieties are suitable to be grown outdoors on the allotment too!

Swiss Chard ‘Fordhook Giant’
Is a sun-loving  Burpee-bred chard that has thick, dark-green, tender leaves and an enticing, slightly bitter, earthy flavour. It can be sautéed with a little olive oil and lemon juice for a simple feast or used in any dish calling for spinach.

Swiss Chard ‘Fordhook Giant’

Producing dependably heavy yields from late spring until winter even in hot weather, this beauty thrives in full sun!

Cucumber ‘Honey Plus’
This is one cool cucumber plant and it will deliver up to twenty-five 7 to 9 cm mini fruits with great flavour and earliness. This baby-sized cue has it all… smooth pale-green to white skin, and crispy-crunchy, sweet-as-honey, golden-fleshed fruit.

Cucumber ‘Honey Plus Hybrid’

Highly productive 50–60cm plants yield glossy 155–225 g. fruits in just 40 days. Great for fresh snacking, salads and pickling!

Tomato ‘Toddler’
One of the most dynamic tomatoes Burpee has bred. ‘Toddler’ bears exceptionally well-proportioned trusses with around 12-16 mid-sized cocktail tomatoes on each truss.

The crack-resistant fruit are super tasty with Brix levels of around 10% and a pleasing acid tang.

Tomato ‘Toddler’The strong disease resistance skin will help provide trouble-free production all season long.  Superb for outdoor growing in warmer areas.

Tomato ‘Crimson Crush’ has continued to perform exceptionally well in the UK and has an excellent flavour and garden performance.

It was developed in Yorkshire and tested at Bangor University for proven high levels of blight resistance alongside delicious flavour. Suitable for outdoor growing in most European climates including the UK.

Tomato ‘Rose Crush’ has been selected for its pink colour and outstandingly balanced flavour of umami, sweetness, and acidity. ‘Rose Crush’ is highly blight-resistant and produces a good yield of medium-large beefsteak fruit.

‘Rose Crush’

Tomato ‘Cocktail Crush’ is the smaller-fruited and sweeter sister line to ‘Crimson Crush’, with a complex tangy finish when eaten. We call it our blight-resistant ‘Ailsa Craig’ — the classic salad tomato with great flavour.

Tomato ‘Cocktail Crush’

Burpee Europe do not sell direct to the consumer, but their seeds are sold via top UK seed companies. Details of these on request from rabbitattackpr@gmail.com or 07895184395